Tactical Bodyweight Training Plan



Tactical Body-weight training plan using Grinder PT style workouts, which include all the exercises you need to master for all-round conditioning.

Designed as either a stand-alone program or to be used as an add on to your current training, for those wanting extra work mastering body-weight and overall conditioning.

  •   Perform better in your line of duty, on the battlefield or just in everyday life.

  •  Increase muscle mass and density.

  • Greatly improve your cardiovascular and muscular endurance.

  • Speed up your metabolism, resulting in increased fat loss.

  • Increase your mental toughness by pushing past your current boundaries.

    Let’s destroy your current fitness levels, improve your physique, become mentally tougher, and achieve the end goal of becoming HARDER TO KILL.

    **NOTE this program comes in a downloadable pdf format only. After your purchase you will be linked to the download page.

    •  5 levels to work through ranging from complete beginners to advanced.

    • An endurance guide, particularly focused on job specific sessions of running rucking and swimming.

    • Monthly testing tables to keep track of your goals and progress.

    •  Weekly schedules for beginner to advanced levels.

    • 24hr email support

    Everything you need to reach that Elite Military standard. Just stay on track and stick strictly to this unique programming and you will take your body and performance to that next level.

    ++ Access to a community of like minded warriors for motivation and support.


    To help you get the most out of this training I'll add my latest nutrition and supplement guide.

    A simple guideline for what you should be eating, and the best supplements to make your training more effective.

    Nutrition and Supplement Guide.

    • A guide and overview on the basics of good nutrition that will complement your workouts.
    • The Top supplements that I would take myself. With as few supplements as possible slimming it down to what you really need.



        1). What if the workouts are too hard? 

        There are options included to scale the workouts whether they are too hard or easy. They will be a challenge to everybody.

          2). Do I need any equipment? 

          The only equipment you need is a pull-up bar but if that is not available that is fine and you can still perform the workouts.

            3). What if I want to add equipment? 

            It is fine if you want to add a weighted vest, gymnastics rings, sandbags to the workouts and it will just increase the challenge and create greater variation.

              4). What is grinder PT? 

              Grinder PT is the type of sessions that Navy seal candidates go through on BUD/s where you are constantly moving from exercise to exercise and performing high numbers of repetitions. These sessions are not your typical bodyweight sessions where you will perform 3 sets of 10 push-ups and call it a day..

                5). Do I need a large area to perform these workouts? 

                These workouts can be performed in a very small space as long as there is enough room for you to lie down there is enough room for you to complete the workout.




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